From Film to Fashion

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From Film to Fashion

Fashion to Film!

Style is very important when it comes to film. Each character has their own sense of fashion so it is easy to see how King B. could make the transition to fashion.  As one of the top directors in the independent film scene in Chicago he took great pride in attention to detail.


Picture Perfect 

Bringing a story to life and having a real feel in the project means, among other things, knowing who should wear what. Later he ventured into photography. There again he worked with models to bring stunning images to the world. Part of that is knowing what a woman looks their best in  Helping models choose their wardrobe prepared King B. for what he's doing now.

Person to Person

One thing I've learned about this guy is that he prides himself as being a real guy. He doesn't mind getting in the trenches and building from the ground up. After reaching broadcast television he had no problem taking his first feature film projects to the flea market,  of all places, to sell to people individually.  Turns out this was more of a brilliant move then he knew at first. He was privy to real market research by gaining feedback from those who would buy his film. Talking and rubbing elbows with his audience proved to be a great advantage for growth.

Finally Fashion!

While at the flea market, over his five year stint, he make several connections.  He was able to find t-shirt providers and printers that would open up another avenue for his creativity.  Starting with t-shirts he resumed designing, which he had done once before but mainly for himself, and now had a platform to bring it to his audience.  Success! With such a demand it was difficult to maintain designing and selling t-shirts while directing films.

Now his clothing line is back! Now he has a bigger team to handle the demand and a new platform to expose this talent globally.  With new designs and a bigger selection I am excited to see where he goes on this new adventure.  Wherever this leads him we are rooting for him!